Reduce mining truck tyre failure
events with RockAware

RockAware™ is a revolutionary solution that combines LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and camera technology to scan truck routes and alert operators to any damaging rocks in their path.

At the same time, the technology captures, models, and analyses the real-time data before it is sent to the RockAware™ cloud platform. The platforms dashboard interface allows for filtering and heatmapping of detected hazards and can be integrated seamlessly with FMS systems for automatic dispatching of clean-up crews.

The first customisable, preventative solution of its kind, RockAware™ is enabling innovative miners to utilise technology to drive safety, productivity and profitability across their mine sites.

  • Improve productivity by reducing truck downtime
  • Enable proactive and preventative action
  • Reduce mining truck tyre maintenance costs
  • Enhance mine site safety

Continuously scan routes

Truck mounted, AI technology scans and identifies potential hazards.

Notify drivers and crews

The integrated system alerts drivers and notifies clean up crews in near real time.

Proactively remove obstacles

Avoid mining truck tyre damage completely by removing hazards before trucks hit them.

Understand root causes

Miners can review incidents and use data saved in the cloud platform to train and coach haul truck operators on how to best avoid potential hazards.

Integrate with other technology

RockAware™ can integrate with other technologies to better understand tyre failures and maximise truck productivity.

Improve overall site safety

Improve truck operation and hazard removal processes to proactively reduce risks and improve safety.

Join the mining
leaders adopting
preventative action.

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mining truck tyre repair and maintenance?

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